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Recipients of the 2015, 2016, 2017 Readers Choice Award

My 10 yr old Hyundai Tuson looked like a new car after the detailing. We'll keep coming back for this service. Good value.

Pat Nystrom

I brought my Hyundai Santa Fe in for its semi-annual detailing and was amazed at the sparkling result. Alan and his crew did a great job and we're spreading the word.

Gary Nystrome

Took my Rav 4 in to have it detailed and couldn't believe the fabulous job they did on it! My car looked like a brand new vehicle! Will definitely be making this a once a year appointment.

Madalyn Collingham

Amazing work done by the Auto Wash team. My Kia Sorento needed a lot of tlc and now after it came back from them, my car looks like it came off the showroom floor.

Great job guys and keep up the phenomenal work.

Jay Jeganathan

I brought my 2014 Hyundai Elantra in to get my paint and fabric protection done. My car looked great after! They even cleaned it fully beforehand. I can really see and feel the difference. The team at Stouffville Car Wash really care about giving their customers the best results possible, and it shows. They have proven to be an excellent establishment and I plan on coming back again and again. Thank you for all your hard work!

Jess V

I just picked up my Tahoe, and can't believe how it came out! I was worried that the salt stains would not come out, but they did!!!!! Great job

Tony Fullio

I was selling my car and wanted to have it cleaned for potential buyers to see at its best. Stouffville Auto Wash & Detail Centre did an amazing job of cleaning it. My car sold quickly and I am sure it was as a result of it being so clean and "new" looking. Thanks!

J Lehman

I just picked up my car and it's like brand new. I've cleaned it myself in the past, but could never get it to look showroom perfect. Thanks to Mario and his staff, I HIGHLY recommend Stouffville Car Wash & Detail Centre!

Lynne Heckel Streick

We brought our 2006 Vibe in with over 5 years of 2 boys spilling food, drink, slush, mud, throwing up, etc. and a horrible stench with no details in the past. All I can say is the car smells and looks brand new... totally shocked at how clean the Vibe looks now. Amazing!! Thanks Mario!

- Robin McGilp

Mark did a great job on my car! I have a back seat again! Thanks!

- Chris Sousa

Told my wife not to buy a black car - Stouffville Car Wash & Detail Centre made me change my mind!

- Gary Simonds

I had the inside of my van cleaned, and was so pleased with the service provided.
Very professional job. Will continue my patronage!!!

- Cathy Calligaro

Best wash my vehicles have ever had........Thanks Mario!!!

- Pat Grande

Every time I visit the car wash I always receive the white glove treatment, always courteous, fast and efficient.
Thank you to everyone at Stouffville Auto Wash and Detail Centre.

- Doreen

Best Car Wash EVER!

- Wendy Skyba

Best carwash in town !

- Catherine Nucci

The Stouffville Auto Wash team delivers exceptional service and outstanding results! It's worth the drive to Stouffville!

- Mena Bath

I drive a truck every day. It's a truck and i use it as a truck. Dirt and grime in every corner. I bring it to Stouffville Auto Wash and Detail Centre to bring it back to life and make it presentable again. Great job guys!

- Bart Trentadue

Excellent work!! Our cars were in need of a thorough clean inside and outside. Glenn and I brought our cars to Mario,and he and Melissa did an outstanding job in detailing! They are smart professionals and they take pride in their work. Thank you so very much! Again, excellent work!

- Carolyn and Glenn

I brought my fathers 2000 Yukon in today to be detailed as a birthday gift. I couldn't believe the outcome! This SUV has never been professionally detailed and was very much showing the signs of its age. Mario and Melissa did an amazing job both on the inside and the out. Honestly I was shocked on how good it turn out. The leather seats look a different color, the carpet looks brand new, good bye salt stains. They even found some money inside the and brought to our attention and returned it all to us! They are honest, reliable and do an amazing job! I will definitely be coming back with my own car, worth every penny! Thanks guys.

- Mary Casaubon

I had purchased a second hand car and after getting it detailed by two different dealerships and having no success in getting the car clean a friend recommended I talk to Mario. My car looks like a brand new car and the smell is gone as well. I highly recommend Stouffville Car Wash to anyone that wants a clean car or has a problem getting it clean. Thank you so much

- Franziska

We've been loyal customers for some time now. We've been impressed with the quality of the automatic washes from day one. The great customer service keeps us coming back. Keep up the great work!

- Pete Grande

Every time I have visited Stouffville car wash the service has been amazing. Mario and his family and staff have been so friendly and helpful and you can easily tell customer service is priority number one with this company. I am thankful for the small town charm of this establishment and appreciate their professionalism as well. I will not be using any other car wash in Stouffville !

- Esther Herbert

Amazing job detailing my 2009 Ford Escape. It looked brand new. Thank you to Mario & Melissa for the exceptional attention to every nook & cranny in my vehicle. It looks brand new. The engine looks brand new too!!

- Tony Trentadue

It was great to find someone local who offers detailing - when I had my 4Runner done I was extremely happy with the end result! I highly recommend them...

- David Conway

II have been a very loyal customer for a couple of years now, and I have to say the superb service that I receive at Stouffville Auto Wash has truly been an exceptional experience. I would definitely recommend Stouffville Auto Wash to my family and friends.

- Karen Sortino

I recently visited your detail centre and was very impressed with your great service. It was certainly worth the drive from Markham.

- Bill Millar




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